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Western Oilfield Specialties Corp Fluid Packed Pump FPP.

Fluid Packed Pump FPP

Western Oilfield Specialties supplies the FPP product line of API sucker rod pump components and assemblies. We can also assist you with pump assembly and pump/rod design.

Sucker Rod Pump Parts and Accessories

We have a full line of API rod pump components and accessories including pump barrels, plungers, balls & seats, cages and fittings.  We also stock a wide range of specialty items and accessories that can enhance the production of any well.

Polished Rods & Liners

Premium polished rods and liners manufactured by PRL Manufacturing.  Featuring high quality N50 Stainless, 431 Stainless, Hard Surface Spray Metal and 4140 Alloy rods.

Sandscreens and Downhole Chemical Treatment

We offer a whole range of products by Odessa Separator Inc. to keep abrasives out of the pump using pump and tubing screens.  We can also combine these products with a chemical treatment plan introduced at the bottom of the well to combat paraffin, corrosion and other conditions such as asphaltines.

Environmental Containment

PCC Pollution Control Corp. supplies us with the F8 Trapper for wellhead leak containment and a full range of load line containers to keep fluid transfers off the ground.

Seating Cups and Packing

We carry the Darcova line of seating cups, PA Plunger rings, and stuffing box cone packing.  Premium quality products to maintain efficiency and prevent leaks.

On-Off Tools

Browning Oil Tools is the leader in downhole automatic latch on-off tools.  Self aligning and available in steel, stainless steel, Inconel and nickle plated materials for slim hole to extra heavy duty applications.

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